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The space around your pool offers a vast field for creative expression. Transform this area into a corner of paradise by following these pro tips and inspirations.

A garden pool should be designed to be part of the décor and complement the surrounding landscaping. Take into account the shapes and lines of the garden as a whole – the pool must fit into this overall plan.

Well thought-out vegetation

Although furniture is an essential part of any pool, greenery and plants are equally important. Don’t underestimate the power of a potted flower or a well-placed shady tree!

You don’t need to be a landscaper or have a green thumb to add plants around your pool. Here are a few plants that are easy to care for and very attractive:

  • Succulents: popular and easy to live with.
  • Small shrubs and trees: interesting for the shade they provide.
  • Palm trees: ideal for a tropical ambience.
  • ornamental grasses: perfect in the sun, they can also withstand a breeze.
  • Flowers: lavender, nepeta and other fragrant plants of the same type can nicely surround paved pool areas.

Where you place the plants is up to you. By choosing the right vegetation, try to minimize maintenance. Palm trees, olive groves, rosemary bushes and clumps of lavender add lasting beauty.

The art of playing with colors

Incorporating color around your pool can instantly change the atmosphere of the space, adding a dose of joy and dynamism. Here’s how to use color to create an inspiring pool area:

  • Furniture : Opt for brightly-colored garden furniture and accessories to bring a Mediterranean touch to this space, or on the contrary play on neutral tones for a more designer look.
  • Planters : choose your planters carefully and place them around the pool for a striking visual effect.

Whether you choose bold, vibrant shades or more subtle, soothing tones, your choice of colors can transform the space around your pool into an enchanting place.

Night magic

To make the most of the long summer days, don’t miss out on night-time swimming. And to keep the fun going late into the evening, consider adding solar lanterns to create a magical atmosphere as soon as night falls.

When it comes to pool lighting, less is more. Choose subtle lighting. Mood lighting and soft lighting of plantings can be enough to create a cosy atmosphere.

Surprising ornaments

Creating a relaxing oasis around your pool involves more than just vegetation, color, shade and lighting. Ornaments also play an essential role in bringing a more personal and original touch to your space.

Garden ID has selected a few ornaments that will transform your pool area into a magical place your guests will envy.

Modern or traditional ornaments: the art of choosing

Set the tone for your space by choosing between modern or traditional ornaments:

  • Modern: Opt for contemporary design for a chic, uncluttered ambience.
  • Traditional: adopt our classic figurines for a timeless wink.

Exotic or natural: the magic of the atmosphere

The atmosphere you want to create can be influenced by the style of your ornaments:

  • Exotic: Incorporate exotic birds for distant charm and vibrant radiance.
  • Rustic: opt for nature-inspired animal statues for a wild and authentic ambience.

Ornaments made to last

When choosing ornaments to embellish the space around your pool, durability is essential. That’s why we’re proud to present ornaments designed to stand the test of time and the elements.

  • Modern ceramics: our ceramic ornaments combine beauty and strength. Each piece is shaped to withstand weathering and UV, while retaining its natural lustre.
  • Robust metal and resin: Our metal and resin animals are designed with the utmost precision and hand-painted to withstand the elements, without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Conclusion: a truly original pool area

Reinvent the space around your pool by taking care of all the elements, such as vegetation, colors, ornaments and lighting. Every choice you make, from the plants you select to the ornaments you add, will reflect your style and preferences.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the time to transform your garden into a dream oasis, where every dip becomes an enchanted escape. Realize your vision with care and passion, and your pool area will become your home’s favorite place to relax, have fun and create lasting memories.