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Green Care: a range of ecological pots

Aware of environmental issues, a growing number of people are favouring ecological, sustainable and recycled products. To meet this growing demand, Garden ID has just created GreenCare, a brand new range of recycled plastic flower pots and planters. Among the new...

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The garden gnomes are back

Some people find them kitsch or old-fashioned, others are crazy about them. One thing is clear, their history is not recent and their success persists over the centuries. It is estimated that there are about 25 million in German gardens. What explains this passion?  ...

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In & Out : home and garden trends 2019

Small or large, urban or rural, our green spaces are ideal places to relax in the sun, have a drink with friends or simply enjoy life on the bright side! So, whether you prefer vegetables and slow food, or relaxation and reading in the sun or family and barbecue,...

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Birth of a brand

The Garden ID brand was not born yesterday, even if this site signs its digital birth. It is the result of a long maturation process, born from the reflection and observations of a family well known to garden centres in Belgium and neighbouring countries....

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