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Small or large, urban or rural, our green spaces are ideal places to relax in the sun, have a drink with friends or simply enjoy life on the bright side!

So, whether you prefer vegetables and slow food, or relaxation and reading in the sun or family and barbecue, being surrounded by nature is essential. Open your doors and windows and bring nature into your home!

Plants are reaching new heights

Between urban jungle and flowered wall, in 2019 off-ground cultivation is more popular than ever.

At Garden ID, the range of pots to hang or place on a balcony is expanding. To make your plantings bloom on your courtyard walls or to vegetalize a rather stony balcony. Suspensions and planters invade terraces and pots of different heights and sizes bring life to any outdoor space.

Garden ID pots are also quite clever!  Think about it: they hang on to the slightest descent of water, land on a balustrade, combine or gather around a central pillar. Anything is possible. All it takes is a little imagination.

To grow aromatic herbs, strawberries or hanging plants on a small balcony, Garden ID pots stack up to allow you to grow several varieties in a small space.

In & Out: a new way of life

The “In & Out” trend revisits the codes of decoration. The interior looks like a jungle while the terrace is transformed into a living room in the high season. Boundaries are disappearing and the housing is expanding.

Outdoor and indoor communicate more than ever. From the first sunny days, the living room escapes to the garden. And from the balcony to the kitchen, plants and flowers multiply into a joyful mix.

This trend is all the more appealing because it is accessible to everyone. No matter the size of your living space, it only takes a little imagination to redesign spaces that were once locked in.

Fantasy is invited to the garden

To dream, escape from everyday stress, rediscover your child’s soul… sprinkle your terrace or garden with facetious little characters or even small polyresin or metal animals. They will certainly entertain young and old alike.

Lighting trend: solar and mobile

Many gardens, terraces or balconies do not have a dedicated light source. However, with solar lighting, there is no need for complicated wiring and installation to light your outdoor spaces.

There are different types of solar lighting: beacons, hangers, decorative objects, lanterns… Both aesthetic and ecological, these lights can be placed or moved according to your imagination.

Be creative: add small sun lights to your planters or flower pots. Illuminate trees with fairy lanterns or place a sleeping cat on the window sill.

Adapt your light sources to your lifestyle: to read on the terrace in the evening, for a romantic atmosphere over a glass of wine or simply to enjoy the mild evening.