Recycled planters

GREEN CARE, a range of design, sustainable and recycled pots.

GREEN CARE – 100% recycled

We all dream of living in a healthy, happy and green environment. That’s why Garden ID has created Green Care, a line of elegant and durable planters and pots that are 100% recycled and recyclable .

Green Care is an exclusive collection of 100% recycled pots and planters, designed for nature lovers concerned about preserving the environment. Each container is made from 100% recycled materials, without sacrificing quality, aesthetics or durability. By choosing a Green Care product, you are actively contributing to reducing your ecological footprint while enhancing your outdoor space.

Green Care pots and planters are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to suit all styles and preferences. They are specially designed to withstand weather and temperature variations, ensuring exceptional longevity. Make a responsible and aesthetic choice for your garden, balcony or terrace with our Green Care range, and grow your plants in harmony with nature.

It all starts with a very simple gesture: recycling plastic waste. Watch the video for more information.


  • Elegant and aesthetic
  • Premium quality
  • Design adapted to the growing pot
  • Neutral tones: cream, grey, anthracite


  • Shock, UV and wear resistant
  • Recycled and recyclable materials
  • Timeless neutral tones
  • Respects the environment

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