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Urban gardening is certainly a trendy concept, but above all it’s a great way to get closer to nature, grow your own vegetables or cut flowers and even get a little exercise, even when you live in an urban environment.

Urban gardening: a concept on the rise

Today, gardening is no longer the preserve of rural areas ; even in the city, with or without a garden, it’s possible to grow plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables.

And in an urban environment, it’s essential to create a green oasis where you can relax and enjoy the sunny days. All you need is a (small) outdoor space, a (strong) desire to cultivate yourself and a little creativity.

Whether in a micro-city garden, on a roof terrace, in a courtyard or on a balcony, flowering plants, fruit and vegetables or aromatic herbs find their place everywhere. And most species grow easily in pots or window boxes. What’s more, if you manage your potted plants well, you can renew your urban green space with the seasons and enjoy nature all year round.

You don’t necessarily need to know anything about gardening. Urban gardening is all about the pleasure of seeing plants and shrubs grow and harvesting your own fruit and vegetables, grown in a 100% safe and personal way.

Focus on vertical gardening

Cherry tomatoes in a tub on your balcony, sweet strawberries in a flowerpot or a vertical herb bed by the kitchen wall: by using the verticality of your outdoor spaces, you can enjoy an abundant harvest of fruit, vegetables or herbs, even in the city.

What doesn’t fit at ground level can simply be placed vertically – there’s plenty of room even on the smallest balcony. Vertical planting systems are numerous: pots and planters that hang on the wall, columns or stackable pot modules, hanging baskets…

There are no limits to the creativity of urban gardeners when it comes to choosing suitable pots: in addition to classic tubs and balcony planters, buckets, pallets and many other containers can be used perfectly. Some objects that are usually thrown away can be “upcycled” for urban gardening, giving them a new purpose.

Urban gardening: what to grow on a balcony or terrace?

You can grow just about anything in an urban garden, but on a smaller scale.

Even in the city, protected balconies and sunny terraces are ideal places to grow heat-loving fruits and vegetables. Some varieties of tomatoes, strawberries and peppers grow particularly well in pots, and even beginners can do well.

When there’s enough space to accommodate larger pots, flowering shrubs will also find their place on your balcony or terrace. Ideal for protection against an annoying or unpleasant view.

Some hanging plants are particularly suited to vertical cultivation. Like balcony queens – petunias or geraniums – but also hanging strawberries. Similarly, many herbs lend themselves to hanging cultivation, such as peppermint, cumin thyme and creeping rosemary. Perfect for keeping fresh herbs on hand at all times, and spreading their spicy fragrance across balconies and terraces.

Remember: urban gardening, a source of pleasure and well-being.

Even if urban gardening has certain restrictive aspects, it’s above all a moment of escape for many stressed-out city dwellers. Putting your hands in the earth, watching the plants and vegetables you’ve planted grow, then harvesting the fruits … it’s a real therapy that helps to release tension and reconnect you with your natural environment.

In conclusion

Whatever its size, shape or location, the garden is a magical place. And gardening in the city is an incredible source of well-being, a veritable (psycho)therapy. Give it a try!