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Autumn is much more than just a season: it’s a palette of colors, an atmosphere and a time of year when nature is dressed in its finest finery. Why not invite this magic into your garden or onto your terrace? Here are 12 ideas for decorating your outdoor space.

Lunar solar lamp

This elegant light, combining detailed metalwork and a crackled glass globe, will brighten up your autumn evenings. Solar-powered, it guarantees up to six hours of light after a full charge.

Statue of a majestic peacock

Transform your garden with this magnificent XXL peacock statue in resin. Hand-painted with UV-resistant paints, it’s the ideal accompaniment to blue and green plantings.

Solar lantern with leaf design

Perfect for a patio or terrace, this cut-out metal lantern recharges in the sun. The leaf-shaped motifs offer a unique light projection when night falls.

Autumn welcome sign

Give visitors a warm welcome with a metal welcome sign, embellished with an autumn wreath.

Live autumnal planters

Brighten up your windows or balustrades with planters filled with autumn flowers. They add color and life, especially when embellished with decorative touches such as small figurines or metal spikes.

Garden bench revisited for autumn

Even though we enjoy the garden less in autumn, this doesn’t mean that benches should be neglected. Enhance them with pumpkins, floral bouquets or other seasonal ornaments to make them true centerpieces.

squirrels on a bench

Owls, the embodiment of autumn

Each season brings its own set of recurring decorative elements. Among the most common garden ideas for autumn are owls. We simply have a soft spot for these birds! In autumn, you can buy a multitude of owl decorations and place them in your garden.

Feeders and drinkers for birds of passage

In autumn, with the cooler weather and lack of natural food, the birds will appreciate a little respite. Choose feeders and drinkers in neutral tones that will blend in with the landscape. Not only will you be taking care of the birds, but you’ll also be adding one of the most beautiful objects to your garden.

Squirrels to complete your table decoration
Nothing says autumn like a table adorned with traditional elements such as pumpkins, corn, walnuts, hazelnuts and candles. Natural textures combined with soft, earthy hues create a charming picture that’s made even more lively by the addition of small forest animals, like our pretty resin squirrels…

A red fox, sentinel of your outdoor space

Add a wild and elegant touch to your yard or terrace with our resin red fox. Its presence evokes the flamboyant hues of autumn and adds an original touch to your decor.

resin fox

An enchanting tableau on your terrace

Evoke the magic of fairy tales by setting a scene of wonder on your terrace table. Sheltered from the cold, you can admire a landscape straight out of children’s dreams. Our fairytale-inspired backdrops combine perfectly with our garden gnomes, creating a world where fantasy meets reality.

A modern touch to your autumn decor

If the orange and purple hues typical of autumn don’t appeal to you, we’ve got something to delight your contemporary desires. Explore our collections of boldly modern decorations, perfect for a sleek, designer space. Let yourself be charmed by our elegant marble-effect ceramic sculptures or by our range of “style” resin animals adorned with refined silver or gold finishes.

resin ornaments Garden ID


Autumn is a season of transition, rich in colors and sensations. It’s the perfect time to revisit your garden decor and add elements that recall the beauty of this period. From simple figurines to more imposing structures, every element can contribute to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Remember, the most important thing is to choose items that speak to you and reflect your personality. Happy decorating and autumn to all!