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Dive into the enchanting world of garden decoration with Garden ID! If you’re embarking on the adventure of creating a garden that echoes your tastes and your interior, here’s a series of tips and tricks to sublimate your outdoor space.

A focal point

Create a captivating focal point to liven up your garden. Whether you opt for a fountain, an XXL sculpture, an exotic bird or a remarkable plant, make this focal point the jewel of your outdoor space, enhancing the aesthetics of your garden.

Extra tip: Choose a focal point that matches your style and personality. For example, a modern sculpture might suit a contemporary garden, while a stone fountain would be perfect for a romantic garden.

Splashes of color

Infuse bright colors to energize your garden. Our selection of brightly colored flowers on spikes and colorful decorative objects, such as birds and exotic animals, will bring your outdoor space to life.

Additional tip: Create flowerbeds with harmonious colors and use successive flowering plants to enjoy an explosion of color throughout the season.

Playing with textures

Play with textures by integrating stone, gravel or wood. Our textured ornaments like Garden ID birdbaths add a unique touch to your garden, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

Additional tip: Create contrasts by mixing soft and rough elements. For example, place smooth stones next to plants with textured leaves to create a striking visual effect.

Ornaments that tell stories

More than just a detail, garden ornaments can influence the way your garden feels when you’re in it. A metal weathervane or bird can mark the entrance to a world of greenery, a weathervane hanging from a tree can give you a sense of height, or an XXL tiger or leopard statue can invite you into your own private jungle.

Carefully placed, pretty, unusual or surprising, these ornaments are subtle but effective clues: Stop here. Look up. Slow down. They give your garden a very personal touch. The trick is not to overdo it.

Light up the night

Many landscaped areas are most romantic at nightfall, when the moonlight and well-placed lamps illuminate trees, bushes and paths.

But did you know that some solar lamps are just as pleasant to look at during the day as they are at night?

Create a magical atmosphere with our decorative outdoor lighting. Let Garden ID solar lamps and lanterns brighten up your evenings while saving energy…

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A path to wonder

Design a path to structure your garden. You can use Japanese steps, gravel or shavings to create a walkway leading to your focal point or relaxation area.

The soothing melody of water

Let yourself be enchanted by the gentle murmur of water. Fountains add a soothing note to your garden, creating an oasis of tranquillity in your outdoor space.

Additional tip: If you have a small garden, opt for a wall-mounted fountain or potted basin to enjoy the benefits of water without taking up too much space.

Elegant flower arch

The addition of an arch, draped with cascading flowers, is a beautiful way to add height and architectural interest to your garden. Place an arch over a path to create a link between two areas, or place it over a bench to create a floral oasis.

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Creative compositions in pots

Add style to your garden by placing and grouping pots of different shapes and sizes. You can display your most precious plants or favorite collections at eye level.

Extra tip: Get creative and give new life to unused household items (like a colander, coffee pot or stockpot). Let yourself be inspired by the seasons to glean elements from nature and renew the decorations and compositions on your terrace or around the house.

Ingenious recycling

Opt for eco-responsible solutions by recycling everyday objects to decorate your garden. Garden ID encourages creativity while preserving the environment.

In conclusion

By following these tips, your garden will be transformed into a magical space, reflecting your unique style and aspirations. With Garden ID as your guide, give your garden the charm and beauty it deserves. Let your creativity flourish and turn your garden into a personal and memorable paradise.